Hotel guest house and holiday flats in Badenweiler, Black Forest, Germany. Accommodation for vacations nearby Freiburg and Basel.

Ferienwohnungen und Gästezimmer Haus Bettina, Badenweiler, Schwarzwald
House Bettina3 Sterne Wohnungen3 Sterne Wohnungen3 Sterne Wohnungen
& Fischermühle4 Sterne Ferienwohnungen4 Sterne Ferienwohnungen4 Sterne Ferienwohnungen4 Sterne Ferienwohnungen

Family Bronner
Weilertalstraße 91
79410 Badenweiler
Black Forest, Germany
Tel.: +49 7632 5720




Single room
Double room
Single-room studio flat
Double-room studio flat
Additional bed
WiFi internet available

from € 27,00
from € 27,00
from € 30,00
from € 30,00
from € 20,00

Rates are per person, per night
and including breakfast.
Reduction in price in the event of a longer stay.
Cash payment only, no credit cards.

English spoken.

In addition, our hotel has been awarded the “Servicequalität Baden-Württemberg”
(a quality of service award in Baden-Württemberg)

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